Wing Quon

Wu Ji Bai Feng Wan - 10 pills ( Menstrual Regulation)

  • Wu Ji Bai Feng Wan - 10 pills ( Menstrual Regulation)

Wing Quon

Wu Ji Bai Feng Wan - 10 pills ( Menstrual Regulation)


Traditional Chinese medicine use to reinforce qi and nourish blood, regulate menstruation and arrest excessive leukorrhea. 

Direction: 1 ball (50 small pills) 1-2 times daily. For adults only.

Medicinal Ingredients:

Angelica sinensis, danggui (root) 241.64mg

Asparagus cochinchinesis, tiandong (root) 107.39mg

Astragulas membranaceus, Huangqi (root) 53.7mg

Bupleurum chinense, chaihu (root) 43.63mg

Cervus elapses, lujiaojiao (ossified antler) 214.79mg

Cervus elapses, lujiaoshuang (ossified antler) 80.55mg

Crassostrea gigas, muli (shell) 80.55mg

Cyprus rotunda's, xiangfu (rhizome) 214.79mg

Dioscorea oppositifolia, shanyao (rhizome) 214.79mg

Euryale ferox, qianshi (seed) 107.39mg

Gallus gallus, chicken (whole) 1073.95mg

Glycyrrhiza uralensis, gancao (root) 53.7mg

Ligusticum sinense cv. chuanxiong (root) 107.39mg

Paeonia actiflora, baishao (root) 214.79mg

Panax ginseng, renshen (root) 214.79mg

Pelodiscus sinensis, biejia (carapace) 107.39mg

Rehmannia glutinosa, dihuang (tuber) 429.58mg

Rehmannia glutinosa, shudihuang (tuber) 429.58mg

Salvia miltiorrhiza, danshen (root) 214.79mg

Tenodera sinensis, sang piaoxiao (egg case) 80.55mg

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Honey, Rice starch.  

Risk Information: Consult a health care practitioner if (1) symptoms persist or worsen; (2) for prolonged use; (3) new symptoms develop; (4) you are taking prescription medications; (5) you have profuse menstrual flow/heavy periods. Do not use if (1) you are pregnant or breastfeeding; (2) have irregular menstruation or hypermneorrhoea due to qi and blood stagnation or excess heat in the blood; (3) you have spleen-stomach weakness, poor appetite but without food stagnation. Avoid spicy food.