Great Wall Brand

Ching Wan Hung Ointment 30g ( Burn Relief, Tissue Repair)

  • Ching Wan Hung Ointment 30g ( Burn Relief, Tissue Repair)

Great Wall Brand

Ching Wan Hung Ointment 30g ( Burn Relief, Tissue Repair)


Traditionally used in Chinese medicine to reduce the blistering and pain of a burn, invigorate blood, promote tissue regeneration and prevent scarring; traditionally used in Chinese medicine for light burn and scald. 

Directions: External use only. Apply ointment to the affected area one per day as needed. For adults only.

Medicinal Ingredients:

Atractylodes lancea, cangzhu (rhizome) 0.1%

Arnebia euchroma, zicao (root) 0.1%

Angelica sinensis, danggui (root) 0.91%

Ampelopsis japonica, bailian (root) 0.1%

Angelica dahurica, baizhi (root) 0.1%

Boswellia sacra, ruxiang (resin) 0.9%

Borneolum syntheticum, bingpian (synthetic) 0.1% 

Commiphora myrrha, myrrh(resin) 1.35%

Chaenomeles speciosa,mugua (fruit) 0.67% 

Carthamus tinctorius, honghua (flower) 0.9%

Coptis chinensis franch, huanglian (rhizome) 0.1%

Crinis carbonisatis, xueyutan (xue yu tan) 0.1%

Daemonorops draco, xuejie (fruit and resin) 0.1%

Gardenia jasminoides, zhizi (fruit) 0.1%

Ligusticum sinense, chuanxiong (rhizome) 0.1%

Lobelia chinensis, Chinese lobelia (herb) 0.1%

Lonicera japonica, jinyinhua (flower) 0.1%

Melaphis chinensis, wubeizi (seed) 0.1%

Momordica cochinchinensis, mubiezi (seed) 0.1%

Neopicrorhiza scrophulariiflora, picrorhiza (rhizome) 0.1%

Paeonia lactiflora, chishao (root) 0.1%

Phellodendron chinense, huangbai (bark) 0.1%

Prunus mume, wumei (fruit) 0.1%

Prunus persica, taoren (seed) 0.1%

Rehmannia glutinosa, dihuang (root) 0.2%

Rheum officinale, dahuang (root and rhizome) 0.1%

Sanguisorba officinalis, diyu (root) 0.67%

Scutellaria baicalensis, huangqin (root) 0.1%

Sophora flavescens, kushen (root) 0.1%

Styphnolobium japonicum, huaihua (flower) 0.1%

Trachycarpus fortunei, Chinese windmill palm (petiole) 0.1%

Non-medicinal Ingredients: Beewax, Sesame oil 

Risk Information: External use only. Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist. Consult a health care practitioner if you have blood deficiency. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.