Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It is well known for it’s medicinal properties that support overall health and vitality and promote longevity. Ontario is the largest producer of North American ginseng with the first crop cultivated back in 1890s. The climate conditions and soil properties of southern Ontario are ideal for the production of ginseng roots which takes at least 3-4 years to harvest. Ginseng roots grown in Ontario differs from Asian ginseng in terms of active compounds and effects on the body. From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) stand point, Ontario ginseng is more mild, more cooling and more balanced than Asian ginseng. For example, Ontario ginseng has a neutral effect on blood pressure levels while Asian ginseng either increases or decreases it. 

Health Benefits of Ginseng:

  1. Increase energy and enhance performance 

  2. Reduce mental fatigue

  3. Improve circulation

  4. Boost immune system

  5. Prevent respiratory illness

  6. Protect against oxidative stress

  7. Enhance male libidos

  8. Balance blood sugar levels

  9. Improve memory and concentration 


    Reduce the risk of certain cancers